About Us

Each coffee bean is a heritage, each pure coffee product of AMZ Coffee is a quintessence, it brings a familiar taste in the life of each of us Vietnamese. The company specializing in the production of pure roasted coffee beans AMZ Coffee builds a brand associated with the value of Vietnamese coffee trees, has immutable principles for a premium quality that users always expect from the product. our offer. If you are a lover of pure coffee, want to find the right full original flavor, AMZ Coffee will be the first choice not to be missed. Our unit provides a full range of 100% pure roasted coffee beans such as: Culi beans, Robusta beans, Arabica beans… with the taste of the Central Highlands mountains.
Special things in coffee products AMZ Coffee :

* Purebred material area.

The coffee beans provided by AMZ Coffee are crystallized from the sunshine and wind of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, at the ideal altitude and climate. It can be said that the AMZ Coffee beans that are packed in packaging to bring to consumers have gone through a long closed journey. To start the mission to create an irresistible taste every time you have the opportunity to enjoy.

* Coffee at AMZ Coffee is original style.

Yes, AMZ Coffee is 100% pure coffee, which has existed and developed on the S-shaped land. In order to fully promote the unique flavor of each type, our company has launched product lines. separate coffee beans such as: 100% robusta coffee beans, 100% cull beans, 100% arabica beans, No. 1 coffee beans, No. 2 beans… as well as having many separate product lines for brewed coffee . machine .

Clean coffee is carefully harvested – processed – preserved, preserving the pure flavors when reaching consumers.

With an advanced roasting system and a rigorous process of international standards, AMZ Coffee is committed to making each batch of roasting superior and uniform to each bean.

It is these special values ​​that have created a strong foothold for the AMZ Coffee brand in the Vietnamese market as well as the birds that bring Vietnamese pure coffee beans to the world.

The most quintessential values ​​in each cup of coffee will prove this, if you have the opportunity, you should also try the brand of pure coffee, AMZ Coffee, to feel the irresistible taste of Vietnamese coffee.

* AMZ Coffee brings different value.

Source of original materials, elaborate processing process, strictly controlled system to ensure quality with roasting technology to keep the essence of coffee flavor. Products provided by our unit will be the first choice for all customers who need to drink clean coffee – pure coffee, coffee business.

Speaking of clean coffee, surely everyone will know the AMZ Coffee brand . In the Vietnamese market, our pure coffee bean products have been present in all provinces and cities of Vietnam. Therefore, every product that we bring to you is always guaranteed of excellent quality.

* Historical Mission at AMZ Coffee.

In order to contribute to promoting the culture of enjoying clean, pure, pure coffee that is useful for public health, coffee company AMZ Coffee has selected famous coffee growing areas such as Robusta Buon Ho in Dak Lak. , Cau Dat Moka, Tram Hanh Arabica in Lam Dong…and help gardeners cultivate coffee according to clean, safe processes as well as ensuring harvest productivity.

AMZ Coffee Company is determined to work with farmers to bring pure coffee products to consumers, as well as to be responsible for public health.

Let us accompany you on the path of CLEAN coffee development in Vietnam.