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I. AMZ Pure Bean Coffee:

Coffee No. 4:  Is a combination of 2 lines of high quality Robusta and Arabica Cau Dat processed honey. Coffee is roasted at the level of Vienna Roast for Robusta and Full City + Roast for Arabica, leaning towards the rich aftertaste of Robusta beans combined with the clear aroma of Arabica to create the unique flavor of this No. 4 line.

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All the reactions involved in coffee roasting refer to a process called pyrolysis (endothermically). These are the changes that occur when the ingredients in the coffee beans reach the decomposition temperature, it creates volatile compounds and leaves behind a carbon residue (also known as coal). During the coffee roasting process, an experienced roaster like our company, sets a limit to avoid charring the beans, but enough for them to undergo physicochemical changes due to pyrolysis in order to Formation of flavor compounds…

A few minutes after the roasting process begins, a new “coffee aroma” is officially formed – A rapid increase in volatile aromatic compounds occurs when the moisture content of the coffee drops below 5%. The Caramelization and Maillard reactions, as well as the metabolism of amino acids, sugars, phenolic acids and lipids, together contribute to the development of the flavor compounds of the coffee beans.


Most of the non-volatile compounds contribute to the flavor (flavor) of coffee. For example, caffeine, which is responsible for some of the bitterness, sucrose for sweetness, and lipids for the sensation of fat, body, acids or the melanoidin compounds formed in the Maillard reaction are also included. non-volatile group…

In addition, it should be noted that the content of sucrose not only gives the sweetness and richness of coffee after roasting, but also affects the acidity (acidity), because the caramelization of sucrose sugar will produces acetic acid. Therefore, our company always encourages coffee growers to harvest the right ripe fruit, with the highest possible sugar content in order to provide an abundant source of raw materials for the Maillard & Caramel reaction team.

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Unique method of making coffee using a Japanese Syphon pot.

1. How to make delicious filter coffee.

This is a long-standing way of enjoying coffee and imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity. Each shop has a secret in how to make a delicious blend to sell with its own filter. However, any brewing method should follow the following procedure:

Choose filter: Currently, the types of filters on the market are very rich and diverse. But for coffee shops, you should use aluminum or stainless steel filters. Stainless steel filters are more durable than aluminum filters, but aluminum filters when brewing will give you a better cup of coffee.

2. How to make basic filter coffee.

+ Put 20-25g coffee powder evenly on the filter, use a compression plate to lightly compress the coffee powder.

+ Pour boiling water about 10-15ml (90 to 96 degrees) into the filter for the coffee to infuse evenly from 20 to 30 seconds (called the COFFEE BREAKING phase).

+ Add boiling water a second time about 30-50ml, extract the most pure coffee drops.

+ Add sugar, milk, ice according to preference.

3. How to make delicious large-sized coffee filter.

+ Each large filter will use about 150g of coffee, compressing the coffee powder to spread evenly in the filter.

+ Pour 300ml of boiling water into the filter for about 1-2 minutes for the coffee powder to expand evenly.

+ Process about 350ml of boiling water into the filter and wait for the pure coffee drops to be slowly extracted.

+ Divide the amount of coffee after brewing into small cups.

+ Add sugar, milk, ice depending on the taste of the diners.


With a large coffee filter, grind coffee finely to produce the most delicious coffee drops.

+ Because coffee is pure and clean, when boiling water is added, it will absorb water and expand with bubbles. We slowly pour in enough water, until the amount of coffee absorbs enough water (also known as brewed coffee).



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