Espresso Amz No. 1

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Coffee is roasted according to the exclusive recipe of Obama Coffee used for coffee machines. The charming mild flavor is capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.


I. AMZ Pure Bean Coffee.

Espresso 1: Is a combination of two types of beans including: Robusta, which is processed by the method of drying whole fruit, and Arabica, which is wet processed in a reasonably balanced ratio. Coffee is roasted at the level of Vienna Roast for the Robusta line and Full City+ for the Arabica line to give a rich aftertaste of the Robusta line and the distinctive aroma of the Arabica line itself, suitable for customers who prefer the thick body of the combined Robusta beans. The average physical compound of Arabica beans yielded. Great for making espresso.




For brewing in general and Espresso in particular, Pressure is one of the main drivers of the extraction process, it is not just an independent variable, but a result of the equilibrium between the force acting on the layer coffee powder (water flow) and the resistance (resistance) of the layer of coffee powder against the penetration of water. Therefore, when studying pressure, we are not only talking about pressure from the pump, but more complicatedly the interaction between other variables such as flow, particle size & distribution, time, temperature, etc. temperature, .. with the pressure as well as the properties of the coffee powder during the preparation process.


To make Espresso coffee, the type of pump and its performance are very important. These characteristics depend on the pump specifications, (determined by the manufacturer’s capacity curve). Simply put, the water flow rate of a pump is inversely proportional to the pressure supplied. A given pump can provide the highest pressure at the lowest flow rate. As the water flow rate increases, the pump will create a lower pressure and vice versa.


The size of coffee beans after grinding is one of the main parameters affecting the permeability and extraction efficiency of coffee in general. So it’s not surprising that grain size is the main (or easiest) factor to regulate for a Barista. Depending on the type (and quality) of the blender, different particle size distributions will be obtained. So it’s not just the average grind size, but also the grain shape and uniformity in grain size that determine how the water flows through the coffee.



Each brewing method requires its own optimal grind size. In general, coffee that is too coarsely ground can show a lower flavor profile than a finer ground version of the same coffee. In the case of Espresso, the ground granules increase the surface in contact with the water, allowing for more efficient extraction, while also increasing the resistance to pressure resulting in the coffee’s viscosity. The espresso is higher, which ultimately enhances the flavor intensity.


However, when the coffee is ground too fine it can interfere with the distribution and permeation of water through the coffee powder, resulting in over extraction. On the other hand, because the space between the particles is smaller, it increases the pressure on the coffee layer and reduces the overall flow rate of the water. Most of these effects are explained in terms of the correlation between particle size – and coffee extraction, but in parallel, pressure is the main driver responsible for the change in taste of coffee after coffee. when brewing.


But one thing is required to make products for machine coffee is that the roasted coffee beans must be  100% pure (  this is a mandatory condition if you want to be a source of goods for the coffee machine)  is the advantage and the way that our business is going. All product lines from OBAMA company used for making machines are also roasted from 100% Pure Moc coffee beans – good for consumers’ health .




1.Make modern coffee by machine.

Using the machine is the most effective way to make many cups of coffee. The market today has many reputable quality coffee machine brands from Italy, Spain… 

Coffee machine made in Italy is easy to operate and adjust.

The professional series is simple to use, efficient and durable. Have you ever made delicious coffee with the machine?

2.When using a coffee machine, you need to keep a few rules in mind.

First, the coffee ingredients you use must be 100% pure. Not only to ensure the quality of taste but also to protect your coffee machine. The types of coffee mixed and impregnated with chemicals will destroy and damage the machine very quickly.

Second, the source of the prepared water needs to be pure. Water containing many impurities and metals will stick to the water pump system of the machine for a long time, affecting the taste of coffee and quickly damaging the machine.

Before brewing, you need to heat the coffee handle so that when boiling water penetrates the coffee, the water temperature in the center and around the rim does not change, causing the coffee to change flavor.

3.How to make delicious coffee by machine:

+ Heat the handle.

+ Put the coffee powder into the handle (use about 8-10g of coffee for a 30ml shot).

+ Use temper to compress coffee with appropriate, moderate force to avoid affecting the flow and extraction time of coffee.

+ Set the preparation temperature at 85 – 95 degrees Celsius.

+ After 5 seconds from the pressure of water, we will see a small stream of coffee starting to flow out.

+ The process of making coffee by machine only takes about 25-30 seconds.




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