Espresso Amz No. 2

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A typical European-style coffee line, featuring a light sour taste and elegant aroma, making even the most rushed people stop to stop and enjoy.


I. AMZ Pure Bean Coffee:

Espresso 2: Is a combination of 2 lines of Robusta processed by honey and Arabica Cau Dat processed wet. Coffee is roasted at the level of Vienna Roast for Robusta and Full City Roast for Arabica. Leaning towards the sweet aftertaste and gentle aroma, suitable for those who like harmony. Great when you make Espresso, Moka Pot, Ibrik.


Have you ever heard that a cup of coffee was too light, or someone said that espresso was too strong? Based on what to conclude that coffee is strong, light or balanced? Every day we make conclusions about coffee taste based on this, but really very little goes into its tenets.



Coffee extraction process is the process of dissolving the flavors contained in coffee into water by some method, Each extraction process requires the participation of first coffee, secondly water, and is affected by temperature for a certain period of time. When extracting coffee, we can get a lot of “things” along with water (collectively called solvents). Molecular weight means that the lighter flavor molecules enter the coffee extract first, followed by the heavier molecules.


In an ideal condition, we would grind the coffee into a fine powder, throw it in the water so that it dissolves all the flavors. Unfortunately, this results in an extremely bitter cup of coffee – what we call over-extracting. Not all flavors of coffee are good, so you have to control the amount of solutes through extraction to create a delicious cup. On the other hand, you can’t simply use more ground coffee and extract less to avoid over-extracted flavors. Under-extracting, which means not having all the necessary soluble compounds, is also bad.



In order to have a delicious product for machine-made coffee, the producer must have practical knowledge and experience in the process of roasting and grinding coffee beans, and must master the ideal extraction conditions for the beans to lie down. in under-extracted and over-extracted limits. Under-extract occurs when you don’t get enough flavor from ground coffee, there are still a lot of compounds dissolved in the coffee grounds that can bring balance. On the opposite side of the Under-extract is the Over-extract, which happens when you put too much solute in the coffee. It’s important to realize that ‘old’ extract (and ‘young’ extract) is not a clear line. It’s a change by a wide margin. Maybe one cup of coffee is extracted just a little bit darker, while another is very, very strong.


In the end, it can be said that most of the coffee cups that come to us go on one of the Over & Under-extract lanes, as long as it’s as far away from the Over & Under-extract boundary as possible. Balance or ideal is not always worth pursuing in the coffee industry, deviations by a consistent margin are far more valuable.



1.Make modern coffee by machine.

Using the machine is the most effective way to make many cups of coffee. The market today has many reputable quality coffee machine brands from Italy, Spain…

Coffee machine made in Italy is easy to operate and adjust.

The professional series is simple to use, efficient and durable. Have you ever made delicious coffee with the machine?

2.When using a coffee machine, you need to keep a few rules in mind.

First, the coffee ingredients you use must be 100% pure. Not only to ensure the quality of taste but also to protect your coffee machine. The types of coffee mixed and impregnated with chemicals will destroy and damage the machine very quickly.

Second, the source of the prepared water needs to be pure. Water containing many impurities and metals will stick to the water pump system of the machine for a long time, affecting the taste of coffee and quickly damaging the machine.

Before brewing, you need to heat the coffee handle so that when boiling water penetrates the coffee, the water temperature in the center and around the rim does not change, causing the coffee to change flavor.

3.How to make delicious coffee by machine:

+ Heat the handle.

+ Put the coffee powder into the handle (use about 8-10g of coffee for a 30ml shot).

+ Use temper to compress coffee with appropriate, moderate force to avoid affecting the flow and extraction time of coffee.

+ Set the preparation temperature at 85 – 95 degrees Celsius.

+ After 5 seconds from the pressure of water, we will see a small stream of coffee starting to flow out.

+ The process of making coffee by machine only takes about 25-30 seconds.




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