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With an elegant mild sour taste and elegant aroma, once you try it, you will never forget the great taste of this Espresso 3 line. You can only find this taste at AMZ Coffee.


I. AMZ Pure Bean Coffee:

Espresso 3: Is a combination of 2 lines Robusta honey and Arabica Cau Dat processed by honey method. Coffee is roasted at Full City+ Roast for Robusta and Full City Roast for Arabica. Leaning towards the aftertaste, the sweetness increases, the acidity decreases, the aroma of Arabica beans is varied, the body is balanced. Specialized for mixing with Espresso and Moka Pot machines.


Machine Brewed Coffee is roasted according to OBAMA COFFEE’s exclusive recipe for use in coffee machines. Possessing a gentle, seductive flavor capable of satisfying demanding customers when enjoying coffee. OBAMA COFFEE understands the taste of Vietnamese brewed coffee and has successfully created an Espresso machine that fully meets the requirements of today’s Baristas, always keeping the original value of pure coffee. Vietnamese .



For Espresso, the most important aspect of pressure has to do with Crema formation. The pressure causes most of the CO2 present in the ground coffee to enter the extract, which is then released slowly, pulling some solids and oils with it to form a dense and stable foam on the top of the cup. All methods of extracting coffee without pressure cannot form anything similar to Crema. So pressure is definitely important for Crema formation with the Espresso method.


Similar to CO2, the flavoring compound will easily escape from the coffee in the case of high pressure brewing and shows a higher total content than in the high pressure extraction method. However, some non-volatile compounds are less sensitive to pressure. For these compounds, the importance of pressure is mainly related to maintaining a uniform extraction and a steady flow rate. Depending on the permeability of the coffee powder, pressure helps maintain the right flow time for extraction.


The ultimate extraction driver of the pressure exerted on the coffee powder is lipid extraction (coffee oil). The hollow structure of the coffee bean cell acts like a sponge, helping to keep oil and other dissolved substances inside. Enough pressure is required to force the oil droplets to travel to the surface of the seed, where they are dragged with the water to end up in the beaker. For Espresso, the oil content is not only higher than with other preparation methods, but also has higher durability due to the smaller extraction volume. Therefore, lipids have a greater impact and help to perceive flavors in the mouth more clearly, especially when compared to coffee in the pour over or immersion method.





To have a good cup of Espresso coffee, in addition to the production unit, it also requires an experienced barista to extract, standard Espresso will have a thick layer of caramel colored Crema on top, with aroma and balance between sour – sweet – bitter. Espresso, in a sense, it is not just coffee but science and needs to follow certain rules.


When brewing espresso, the basic barista goals are: To produce a consistent volume per extraction; Choose the right grind level to be able to create a steady flow; Manipulates the distribution of coffee and compresses the coffee powder evenly in the basket to provide a balanced resistance to the water pressure from the nozzle; Make sure the brewed water has a stable temperature at the required level. And finally complete all these operations efficiently.


As a Barista, it is important to have insight into the interplay of all the variables in the brewing process. Particle size and shape, particle size distribution, amount of water, water temperature, pressure and flow time, etc. All these variables have an influence on the extraction process and many will influence the extraction process. mutual influence: for example, an increase in grain fineness will often increase the efficiency of the extraction process and prolong the flow time. Therefore, making small adjustments and tasting often is best practice, as is objective measurement when possible.




1.Make modern coffee by machine.

Using the machine is the most effective way to make many cups of coffee. The market today has many reputable quality coffee machine brands from Italy, Spain…

Coffee machine made in Italy is easy to operate and adjust.

The professional series is simple to use, efficient and durable. Have you ever made delicious coffee with the machine?

2.When using a coffee machine, you need to keep a few rules in mind.

First, the coffee ingredients you use must be 100% pure. Not only to ensure the quality of taste but also to protect your coffee machine. The types of coffee mixed and impregnated with chemicals will destroy and damage the machine very quickly.

Second, the source of the prepared water needs to be pure. Water containing many impurities and metals will stick to the water pump system of the machine for a long time, affecting the taste of coffee and quickly damaging the machine.

Before brewing, you need to heat the coffee handle so that when boiling water penetrates the coffee, the water temperature in the center and around the rim does not change, causing the coffee to change flavor.

3.How to make delicious coffee by machine:

+ Heat the handle.

+ Put the coffee powder into the handle (use about 8-10g of coffee for a 30ml shot).

+ Use temper to compress coffee with appropriate, moderate force to avoid affecting the flow and extraction time of coffee.

+ Set the preparation temperature at 85 – 95 degrees Celsius.

+ After 5 seconds from the pressure of water, we will see a small stream of coffee starting to flow out.

+ The process of making coffee by machine only takes about 25-30 seconds.




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