Espresso Amz No. 4

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Coffee is roasted according to the exclusive recipe of Obama Coffee used for coffee machines. The charming mild flavor is capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.


I. AMZ Pure Bean Coffee:

Espresso 4: is a combination of two high quality natural processed Robusta lines and Cau Dat Arabica processed by red honey method. Coffee is roasted at Full City Roast level for both Robusta and Arabica beans, leaning towards the gentle sweet aftertaste of the Robusta line combined with the seductive aroma from the Arabica line. This gu has a gentle ethereal feeling, suitable for customers making Espresso machines inclined to the diverse fruit aromas that these two coffee beans bring together, also very good when you brew with Syphon, French Press, Drip and Aeropess.

Espresso is a brewing method in which a small amount of boiling water is forced through finely ground coffee, under great pressure. To prepare for the preparation, the coffee is finely ground and evenly distributed in a “filter funnel” to be more precise, a portafilter (also known as a hand brew). When the espresso machine is ready to go, the pump sends water in an extremely stable container through the coffee layer with a pressure of up to 9 bar to obtain a mysterious mixture we call Espresso.



Centuries of continuous improvement in espresso machines are focused on two factors: increasing pressure and equalizing brewing temperatures. Particularly in terms of pressure, this is the core factor that distinguishes Espresso from other brewing techniques. Although it seems complicated, with technological advances, mastering pressure is becoming easier and easier with Barista.


You can imagine a good cup of Espresso, not entirely dependent on pressure, because there are many other factors involved in shaping its quality including: brewing temperature, flow rate, degree of pressure. fineness of the coffee, extraction time, extraction rate, etc. Even some factors that are not in the category of an Espresso machine such as the roasting of the beans, the freshness of the coffee, the skill of the barista…


One of the most basic and effort-intensive techniques when making espresso is in evenly distributing the coffee layer in the brewing hand before it goes into the extraction. If basic operations such as grooming, tamping, or tapping are not “standard” there is a possibility of channeling that can cause unbalanced extraction, or worse. is nothing like Espresso. Areas of water that penetrate a lot will be extracted to a bitter taste, while areas that are too dense with water will not be able to fully dissolve the flavor, resulting in a pale flavor and low extraction concentration.






Machine brewed coffee will have a better coffee dissolution rate than filter coffee (the extract of the Espresso machine ranges from 7-13% and the filter brews from 3-7%), so when drinking brewed coffee Your machine will have a better taste of coffee and drinking machine-made coffee will make you more addicted to coffee than filtered coffee. But to do business, shop owners also have to think carefully before deciding whether to invest in an Espresso machine? If you buy a low-priced machine, the quality of the Espresso cup is not as desired, and the mid-range and high-end prices range from 40 million or more hundreds of millions of dong, accidentally affecting a part of the sales. your month.


Today, sophisticated coffee machines have been developed that allow Barista to control many parameters such as: water flow, pressure changes during extraction, water temperature, etc. This trend allows Barista to asymptotically exploits the specific flavor properties in the cup, and with the built-in programming, the extraction is repeatable with a high degree of consistency. However, it’s too early for you to “entrust” everything to the machine, for many reasons (including cost – because espresso machines are inherently expensive) so starting with a basic Espresso machine, In addition to watching the instructions, you can monitor one of the key parameters of the extraction process, which is time.

+ Extraction is too fast, about 18 grams flow out before 25 seconds – Better grind coffee.

+ Extraction too slow 10 grams Espresso takes more than 30 seconds – Adjust coarser grind.




1.Make modern coffee by machine.

Using the machine is the most effective way to make many cups of coffee. The market today has many reputable quality coffee machine brands from Italy, Spain…

Coffee machine made in Italy is easy to operate and adjust.

The professional series is simple to use, efficient and durable. Have you ever made delicious coffee with the machine?

2.When using a coffee machine, you need to keep a few rules in mind.

First, the coffee ingredients you use must be 100% pure. Not only to ensure the quality of taste but also to protect your coffee machine. The types of coffee mixed and impregnated with chemicals will destroy and damage the machine very quickly.

Second, the source of the prepared water needs to be pure. Water containing many impurities and metals will stick to the water pump system of the machine for a long time, affecting the taste of coffee and quickly damaging the machine.

Before brewing, you need to heat the coffee handle so that when boiling water penetrates the coffee, the water temperature in the center and around the rim does not change, causing the coffee to change flavor.

3.How to make delicious coffee by machine:

+ Heat the handle.

+ Put the coffee powder into the handle (use about 8-10g of coffee for a 30ml shot).

+ Use temper to compress coffee with appropriate, moderate force to avoid affecting the flow and extraction time of coffee.

+ Set the preparation temperature at 85 – 95 degrees Celsius.

+ After 5 seconds from the pressure of water, we will see a small stream of coffee starting to flow out.

+ The process of making coffee by machine only takes about 25-30 seconds.




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